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Los Angeles is a melting pot for different cultures, and many artistic people from all over the world choose the city to be their home. There is a dedicated arts district in the city, which can be found near the Los Angeles River and the downtown district. In the city’s arts district, many privately-owned galleries can be found, but what is getting the attention from the visitors are the galleries set up by young artists who wanted their names to be known in the industry. These young artists are using different techniques and materials to create their art. Here are the six emerging galleries in Los Angeles arts district set up by young artists that you should know.

Matthew Brown, by Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown is an artist who is in his early twenties. He opened his art gallery back in January 2019, and he decided to name the gallery after himself. His gallery is located south of Melrose Avenue, near the busy La Brea strip. He used to work with several galleries all over the city, and he had the idea to set up his own after he created plans on how his gallery should look like. He started looking for a space in the city where he can set up his gallery, and what he found was a two-room gallery near Melrose Avenue. When he inaugurated his gallery, he called upon the help of Kenturah Davis, an artist based in Accra. The art gallery set up by Matthew Brown featured the works of Kenturah Davis, and it showcases portraits that are made from stamped text. The portraits are ethereal, and it is beautifully displayed against plain white walls. Matthew Brown also tapped Brandy Carstens to become the director of the gallery, and since its inauguration, many artists from all over the world started visiting his gallery and felt impressed with the artworks displayed inside. Matthew Brown plans to exhibit a new set of artworks this fall made by a sculptor based in Los Angeles and a painter based in Houston.

Parker Gallery, by Sam Parker

Sam Parker is an artist who dreamed of opening his art gallery. He used to scout the streets of Los Angeles to find the best space where he can build his art gallery, but he ended up being disappointed after he saw uninspiring spaces in the city’s business district. Later on, Sam Parker had an idea to build his gallery on domestic space. He started scouting for domestic homes, and what he found was a 1924 home located in Los Feliz Hills. He opened his art gallery in May 2017 and invited several artists for the gallery’s inauguration. The artwork displayed inside his gallery is an exhibition made by a group called Nut Art. Many artists are members of the group, and they displayed their artworks inside the Parker Gallery. They also chose the name Nut Art as the title for the exhibition. After displaying Nut Art inside his gallery, Sam Parker decided to feature the artworks from under-recognized artists based in the Bay Area who worked on several artworks in the 1960s and the 1970s decade. Sam Parker is also working with a 90-year old painter based in Sacramento to introduce the gallery’s first solo show.e us

Murmurs, by Allison Littrell and Morgan Elder

Allison Littrell and Morgan Elder are Los Angeles natives who saw the growth of the city’s art scene. After the arts district in Los Angeles started to gain popularity, the two emerging artists dreamed of opening their art gallery that will appeal to everyone, regardless if they are an art fan or not. Allison Littrell and Morgan Elder later went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the USC, respectively, to secure their degrees. In June 2019, the two decided to open their gallery, called Murmurs, which is situated in Downtown Los Angeles. The gallery features a variety of programs, which includes art exhibitions, performances, film screenings, and workshops. The two emerging artists believe that their gallery should be a center for social interaction, and they excessively promoted the gallery so that many people would come. Artists all over Los Angeles are impressed with the idea from the two artists, and those who are visiting the gallery are impressed with the level of artistry showcased at the Murmurs. Allison Littrell and Morgan Elder also revealed that they are now working with Cherisse Gray, an artist based in Los Angeles, to exhibit their first solo installation later this year.

Park View / Paul Soto, by Paul Soto

Paul Soto is an artist who founded the Park View / Paul Soto gallery. His idea to open up a gallery started in 2014 when he launched a program at his apartment. His apartment, located in MacArthur Park, is known for spas, and it was a challenge for him to promote his gallery. However, he started to work harder, and by September 2018, he was able to secure a space that is more favorable for a gallery. When he had the chance to open up his gallery, he contacted several artists who can exhibit their artworks inside his gallery. Today, aside from managing the Park View / Paul Soto Gallery, he is also managing space in Brussels. His gallery in Belgium entitled La Maison De Rendez-Vous, shares the space with three other international galleries. Paul Soto is also preparing for the fifth anniversary of his gallery, and he invited ten artists who will be exhibiting their works. There is also a multitude of guests who are invited to the event.

AA LA, by Alex Ahn

Alex Ahn opened his art gallery on September 2015, and he called it the AA LA. One of the most recent exhibitions at the AA LA was called the One Arm Bandit, made by Bailey Scieszka — an artist based in Detroit. The exhibition features artworks that portray the American Dream is a myth. Inside the gallery, visitors can find paintings, videos, and sculptures that made a buzz in the art scene. The One Arm Bandit is one of the 24 exhibitions featured at the AA LA. Alex Ahn stated that he wanted his gallery to feature installations rather than transforming the whole gallery. Through the years, Alex Ahn was able to invite several artists to display their exhibitions inside his gallery. He worked with emerging artists and experienced ones, and most of the exhibitions were successful. Alex Ahn’s dream of creating his successful art gallery became a reality because he worked hard for it.

Kristina Kite, by Kristina Kite

Kristina Kite opened her gallery in February 2017 and named it after herself. She has been partnering with other galleries in the past, but later realized that she should set up her own. She later found a space in Washington Boulevard, where she built her gallery. She partnered with Nancy Lupo — an artist based in Los Angeles — for her gallery’s solo exhibition. The artworks displayed at the exhibition were sculptures that are made from recycled materials, and it was a huge hit. People from all over the world are visiting her gallery to witness how an artist can create beautiful sculptures using recycled materials. Because of the success of the exhibition featuring the works of Nancy Lupo, Kristina Kate decided to invited other emerging artists, as well as mid-career artists, to display their work inside her gallery.



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