Stylish Hair Color Trends Taking Off in Los Angeles

When people think of LA hair colors, most imagine something blonde or maybe even bleached blonde, but that’s about it. The thing is the colors you imagine are no longer true. LA seems to be moving towards other trends, and the rest of the world might join in.

The Natural

One look that’s being embraced is the natural hair color. This is low maintenance and can be done at home. As more people do things on their own, it’s easy to see why this hair color is picking up steam.

Now, just because the color is natural doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be maintained. If someone is trying to maintain their natural hair color, they shouldn’t take hot really showers or shower with hard water. Hair products should be natural and not contain chemicals like sulfates.

Copper Look

Another look that seems to be making a splash in the city of Los Angeles is copper red. This is another one of those simple colors that’s bold but not so much that it overpowers a person’s look.

The color feels quite natural, which seems to be the running theme with many of the hair color trends taking off in LA. The color is warm, which gives those who use it a lot of possibilities regarding styles, especially in the summer when the sun is out and it’s time to wear everything in the closet.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is another hair color that’s taking off in the City of Angels. The color feels a bit bold upon first glance, but it’s popular because of its simplicity. It may seem like a bold choice, but the reason it’s popular is because it goes well with any skin tone.

Too many times, a particular hair color only works with one skin tone, but this one works for anyone. A person doesn’t have to wonder if this hair color would look good on them because it will. Even though it’s a bold choice, the color works well for any occasion, too.

Chocolate Brown

Folks can’t always go to the salon, and that’s a reality many folks in LA and across the world are experiencing. This is probably the reason why the chocolate brown trend is taking off.

There are a lot of shades when it comes to the chocolate brown hair color, but the most important thing is that it’s quite dark. The reason is simply because folks need to figure out how to cover up those gray strands in their hairs. Chocolate brown is the perfect hair color for that task.

Natural and Highlights

Low maintenance is king right now, and this hair color proves it once again. The foundation is basically their natural hair color. Using that as the springboard, the stylist chooses a highlight that works well with that color.

The change in a person’s hair isn’t too drastic, but it’s pretty impressive even though caring for it won’t be so hard. Even when the highlights start to fade, the look will still hold just a little longer, giving the wearer enough time to spruce up the look again.


The high contrast platinum hair color is quite popular in this city, and it’s the type of look that’ll definitely catch on. This is a bold choice that makes a person feel new and exciting. It’s definitely a choice for those who are brave and tired of the same old look.

It does look like platinum, but somehow it looks quite classy like something seen only on high end runways. Part of the reason people are loving this hair color is because it makes a statement without be too extravagant. Just as a side note, this color is also going to help hide those greys even through the pandemic, which is pretty cool, too.

Rooted Color

This is a hair color that works well during these times as well because it’s meant to look slightly unkempt. The idea is to keep darkness near the roots of the hair and allow the rest of the hair to look lighter.

The lightness will increase as the color reaches the tips of the hair. In essence, what some folks in Los Angeles are doing is adopting the grown out hair look. This gives the wearer a longer time with the look, which is definitely a trick that’s going to stick.

These are just some of the hair color trends that are worth keeping up with coming from LA. Some of these may only be popular for the time being, or they might be here to stay; the fun is figuring out which color works for who.



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